I enter the Temple uncertain. A woman stands in front of me, I instantly trust her eyes. The woman is beautiful, sensual, her body is wrapped in a soft scarf.
I get a scarf for myself. I take a shower and put the scarf around my naked body. I go into the massage room – what a beautiful smell!
Oriental scents whirl inside my head, wanting me to chase and discover every single fragrance.
Air temperature is very comfortable. Lots of candles around, the interior is extraordinary and creative. And the music!
The ceremony begins.

I am lying down.
I am naked. But the woman’s eyes say “you are safe here”. And she wraps my body with cloths. She mantles every single part of my body. Her warm hands caress me and calm me down – like mother’s hands. I trust these hands, too
My eyes are closed, my body craves for every move, every smell; every instrument I hear playing gives me a new impulse to create. Imagination. It starts spinning like crazy. I feel as if I literally was in Morocco. I lay among beautiful cloths, I feel a blissful touch on my face, and with it I discover a new scent. Cedar.
Caring hands release tension from my head – it goes away forever. My face looks happy. Now I know I can give myself in completely into this journey.
The woman lets me discover my body, I have not known it from this side. My belly, my legs, my hands have never experienced that sublime, yet filled with strong energy touch.
I feel like my body’s shell of fear, failures and stress breaks down. I feel like a delicate flower bud. This journey I experience, lets me believe in my uniqueness. I become more self-confident, certain about my goals, dreams and talents. I am happy! Calm, quiet. Now, when I lie down on my belly, I feel all colors of Morocco dance on my back. My senses go crazy. I dive deep into my subconsciousness. My mind is empty. I feel, I live. It is a beautiful sensation.

The end.
Two hours passed.