Dakini Temple … your first impression may be misleading :-), therefore, before I write a review, a few words about the meaning of this name. Dakini in Sanskrit is a woman-messenger of wisdom. In Tibetan Buddhism Dakini describes a woman, who can enter into the world of mediation much easier than men, who are afraid to let their intellect go. Dakini is a strong and independent woman, enlighted, spiritual energy, guardian of the gate to the world of the new states of consciousness.

What is so special about Aleksandra’s massage? There are many things that make it special. Her strength of touch perfectly matches the music. The music was different with every visit, sometimes there were voices of meditation, sometimes some elements of classical music, jazz, world music – never heard by me before. Sometimes – it depends on the mood and the atmosphere of openness, which means I would not expect it during your first visit – Ola… sings when performing massage. She has a beautiful voice you can easily fall in love with. All these fine details, they make a difference. I am in a hurry, I lay on the massage bed, thoughts still at work, feeling stressed and suddently I hear a deep breath and a sound of a delicate wind blow. Now I know how I should be breathing… Natural oils, my skin is moisturized but not clogged. It is important to me.

If you never visited Dakini Temple, I wholeheartedly recommend you to pay the visit; do not expect anything, just give yourself in.