Dakini Temple is a truely magical place. I have been there 3 times and will be … many more times. Ms Ola, for polite clients just Ola, is the heart and the good spirit of this place. She is a super professional masseuse with an interesting personality. She will entertain you with a conversation, serve you tea and welcome you with a smile. I can only regret conversations are short but it’s time for massage!!!! I’d have to write a long story to describe my impressions. So I’ll just keep it short – incredible experience, great pleasure. Massage is very professional, diversified, exciting. Ola massages, sings, celebrates. A wide range of different techniques, you cannot predict what happens next. Add to it a matching music, fabulous interior, and oriental scents around you. All of this crafted perfectly and served with grace of petite masseuse. My thoughts are already on the next visit at the Temple.

Be careful ! Ola’s massage is like a drug. You will become addicted. I recommend it.