Relaxation massage

Relaxation Massage in Warsaw? Only at Dakini Temple!

Why? Because this massage is a true magic of relaxation and a wonderful time of pleasure. It immediately brings you into a state of deep relaxation, helping you to forget about stress and fatigue. It releases the body from tension, and relaxes the muscles. It soothes the nerves and eliminates stress. By stimulating the secretion of endorphins, it provides euphoric joy and bliss. Calming down emotions, boosting energy and vigor – this is what you get from the relaxation massage.

relaxation massage

Relaxation massage in Warsaw, free your body from tensions!

Are you wondering if the relaxation massage is appropriate for you? You need to relax but are afraid that the treatment will be only superficial? Nothing could be further from the truth – relaxation massage at Dakini Temple allows to get rid of deep strains and pain.

This massage is diversified, we use whole length of hands to perform moves, not only forearms but also elbows and wrists. Your body will surely feel relief and joy, when relaxed.

This massage is appropriate for everyone. It is safe, it takes place in comfortable conditions, and the techniques applied in the massage are never forceful.

The Dakini Temple is distinguished by an intimate atmosphere of the massage room: the flickering candles, relaxing music and wonderfully fragrant oils make you leave your everyday reality behind you and discover a new dimension of pleasure of the relaxation massage. You may be sure that your body will feel full comfort, wrapped in the warmth of a heating blanket and a soft scarf. After the treatment ends, we always allow you to rest before you come back to reality.

Do you like to get an aromatic tea after the treatment or hydrate your body? We will be glad to serve you our excellent brews.

Are you wondering if you can gift this massage to someone close to you? With this in mind, we prepared beautiful invitations, which you can give to your husband, friend or grandmother. These invitations you can obtain in paper format but also an electronic version is available.

Would you like to enjoy the relaxation massage regularly? Ask us, we will prepare a special offer for you.

Are you owning a business, holidays are aproaching and you are looking for a way to recognize your employees for their work? We prepared advantageous offers for firms.

Do you have some remarks or ideas on how we can improve our services? We look forward to listening to your ideas.

Dakini Temple’s personnel is always open to your needs.

We invite you to our relaxation massage in Warsaw.


The impact of the massage on the body:

  • It relieves nervous and muscular tension
  • it relaxes
  • it tones the skin
  • It stimulates the forces of self-regeneration

The massage lasts 80/100 minutes, and 15 minutes are added for a conversation and hygiene.

Indications for the massage:

  • chronic fatigue
  • Nervousness
  • Limited mobility in the joints
  • Headache, back pain and pain in other parts of the body
  • Stress

We cover your body with a soft scarf. You also get a clean towel and the possibility to take a shower.

Note: The massage does not include intimate parts of the body.


Relaxation massage

75 min

170 zł

Relaxation massage

90 min

200 zł

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