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Our clients are most important to us. We strive to make them happy, satisfied with our services. Are we successful in it? Make up our mind by reading these opinions that our clients decided to leave on our website. And, as they say – “one massage is worth thousand words” 😉 – after reading through these opinions, feel invited to our parlour – book your massage today!

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I enter the Temple uncertain. A woman stands in front of me, I instantly trust her eyes. The woman is beautiful, sensual, her body is wrapped in a soft scarf.
I get a scarf for myself. I take a shower and put the scarf around my naked body. I go into the massage room – what a beautiful smell!
Oriental scents whirl inside my head, wanting me to chase and discover every single fragrance.
Air temperature is very comfortable. Lots of candles around, the interior is extraordinary and creative. And the music!
The ceremony begins.

I am lying down.
I am naked. But the woman’s eyes say “you are safe here”. And she wraps my body with cloths. She mantles every single part of my body. Her warm hands caress me and calm me down – like mother’s hands. I trust these hands, too
My eyes are closed, my body craves for every move, every smell; every instrument I hear playing gives me a new impulse to create. Imagination. It starts spinning like crazy. I feel as if I literally was in Morocco. I lay among beautiful cloths, I feel a blissful touch on my face, and with it I discover a new scent. Cedar.
Caring hands release tension from my head – it goes away forever. My face looks happy. Now I know I can give myself in completely into this journey.
The woman lets me discover my body, I have not known it from this side. My belly, my legs, my hands have never experienced that sublime, yet filled with strong energy touch.
I feel like my body’s shell of fear, failures and stress breaks down. I feel like a delicate flower bud. This journey I experience, lets me believe in my uniqueness. I become more self-confident, certain about my goals, dreams and talents. I am happy! Calm, quiet. Now, when I lie down on my belly, I feel all colors of Morocco dance on my back. My senses go crazy. I dive deep into my subconsciousness. My mind is empty. I feel, I live. It is a beautiful sensation.

The end.
Two hours passed.

Every massage done by Ola is a new story. And like every story from the magic chinese cascet in the beautiful fairy tale of Salman Rashdi “Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights”, it hypnotizes, allures and takes you on a trip you don’t want to end. As every return is a beginning of new longing for a new story. Author and main hero at the same time – angelic creature, with captivating smile, personality and dazzling beauty. Natural and charming. Touch of her hands is softer than silk and kashmir, you can feel tenderness and care as well as positive energy that she is ready to share. How can you not be delighted?

An extraordinary adventure. First a warm welcome, tea, conversation with the likeable hostess, which relaxes and puts you in a good mood. Massage seems to be the natural extension of this new acquaintance. It is extraordinary. So many different techniques I experienced! I immediately zone out into the state of blissfulness. I feel my thoughts – naturally and peacefully – flow and turn into emotions. Positive emotions. Time no longer matters – what matters is this moment and the warmth of touch. Space disappears and the only thing I feel is deep pleasure. Nightmares go away – I feel childly faith in good and love. Shamanic massage – it is difficult to describe what I experience. But words will not do justice. You have to experience it on your own!

Dakini Temple … your first impression may be misleading :-), therefore, before I write a review, a few words about the meaning of this name. Dakini in Sanskrit is a woman-messenger of wisdom. In Tibetan Buddhism Dakini describes a woman, who can enter into the world of mediation much easier than men, who are afraid to let their intellect go. Dakini is a strong and independent woman, enlighted, spiritual energy, guardian of the gate to the world of the new states of consciousness.

What is so special about Aleksandra’s massage? There are many things that make it special. Her strength of touch perfectly matches the music. The music was different with every visit, sometimes there were voices of meditation, sometimes some elements of classical music, jazz, world music – never heard by me before. Sometimes – it depends on the mood and the atmosphere of openness, which means I would not expect it during your first visit – Ola… sings when performing massage. She has a beautiful voice you can easily fall in love with. All these fine details, they make a difference. I am in a hurry, I lay on the massage bed, thoughts still at work, feeling stressed and suddently I hear a deep breath and a sound of a delicate wind blow. Now I know how I should be breathing… Natural oils, my skin is moisturized but not clogged. It is important to me.

If you never visited Dakini Temple, I wholeheartedly recommend you to pay the visit; do not expect anything, just give yourself in.

It was better than I expected. Very friendly atmosphere, massage done with passion. I highly recommend.

This place is magical, carefully selected rituals, music, relaxed atmosphere, no rush. Really moody – I can only recommend it. Best relax ever.

Extraordinary experience. I had no idea massage can be so pleasant. Attention to details deepens the experience. It’s all very atmospheric. If I were to compare it with past experiences, it is like comparing works of a craftsman with those of an artist. I am deligted, I will surely come back.

Massage parlour is located in a private apartment, near the centre of Warsaw. You can easily get there using public transportation. There is a bathroom available. Massage room is adequately equipped – obscured, with moody and relaxing music playing in the background and – optionally – beautiful singing of Ms Ola. The massage performed by Ms Ola is a true work of art! Pity it is so volatile. But you can always come again! Prices are slightly high but absolutely reflect the value of the treatment you get. I really encourage everybody to visit Dakini Temple, Ms Aleksandra’s massage is an extraordinary experience (I experienced it a few times). I hope I will be able to visit Ms Aleksandra’s massage parlour again.

Dakini Temple is a truely magical place. I have been there 3 times and will be … many more times. Ms Ola, for polite clients just Ola, is the heart and the good spirit of this place. She is a super professional masseuse with an interesting personality. She will entertain you with a conversation, serve you tea and welcome you with a smile. I can only regret conversations are short but it’s time for massage!!!! I’d have to write a long story to describe my impressions. So I’ll just keep it short – incredible experience, great pleasure. Massage is very professional, diversified, exciting. Ola massages, sings, celebrates. A wide range of different techniques, you cannot predict what happens next. Add to it a matching music, fabulous interior, and oriental scents around you. All of this crafted perfectly and served with grace of petite masseuse. My thoughts are already on the next visit at the Temple.

Be careful ! Ola’s massage is like a drug. You will become addicted. I recommend it.

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