Moroccan Ritual of Senses

Moroccan Ritual of Senses is a truly beautiful ritual born out of passion. Enriched with sound-healing, gentle touch of feathers and silk scarfs. It will delight you with various types of Moroccan touch, fully synchronized with ethnic music. It is energetic and has a relaxing and regenerating effect. It will feed your senses with a scent of luxurious, Moroccan oils and aromatic incenses. Coconut peeling will be good for circulation, warm compress will nourish and soothe your skin.

It is designed for real connoisseurs and lovers of exceptional touch. For women and men who like luxury. An ultimate massage experience. We take care of every detail, guaranteeing new quality and precision.

You can book the ritual for a couple.


moroccan ritual of senses

The impact of the massage on the body:

  • it evokes blissful relaxation and delight
  • it soothes the deepest muscle and nervous tension
  • it affects positive thinking and creativity

The massage lasts from 120 to 180 minutes, 15 minutes are added for a conversation and hygiene.

Indications for the massage:

  • If you are looking for something special that will satisfy your receptors and senses
  • This massage is designed for everyone. It is safe, it takes place in comfortable conditions, and the techniques applied in the massage are never forceful.

Note: The massage does not include intimate parts of the body.


Moroccan Ritual of Senses

120 min

320 zł

Moroccan Ritual of Senses

150 min

420 zł

Moroccan Ritual of Senses

180 min

520 zł

Moroccan Ritual of Senses for a Couple

120 min

640 zł

Moroccan Ritual of Senses for a Couple

150 min

840 zł

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