Dakini Indian Ritual

Indian massage in Warsaw? Do you fancy to experience a touch of orient in the center of our capital? We have prepared something special. Dakini Indian Massage was born out of true passion. A beautiful ritual of highest care of your body. Combines mantra singing that will have a calming effect on your mind with gentle touch of feathers and silk scarfs that will caress your body. The sound of a 432Hz tuning fork and Zaphir crystal bells will have a healing effect on you. The massage itself is diversified, masseuse’s moves are synchronized with oriental music. Spontaneous and energetic, but delicate and sensual at the same time. This is a ritual for both women and men, who value comfort and high quality of service.

dakini indian ritual

Dakini Indian Ritual available now in Warsaw!

It sharpens the senses, opening them to a new quality of touch, smell and sound. It allows you to explore your sensitivity, delicacy and good emotions. Enriched with scents of trees, flowers and aromatic incenses. Includes peeling of your feet and hands and a warm compress that not only moisturizes and cleanses your skin, but is also good for circulation and reduces edemas. After cleansing the body and mind, you can receive the energy that will help you rise to the heights of your abilities, giving you confidence and the sense of inner peace.

About 432Hz music, why does it have so positive influence on our organism? What music you listen to really matters… The right sound can be a cure, can give us additional energy, can make us feel-good, relax our body and soul, soothe pain and improve the state of our aura and Soul. 440Hz frequency can disturb our emotions, cause anxiety, fear and decrease the activity of our mind (as does the music broadcasted on the radio or TV). Sounds have magic power. It has been proven that if the frequency is tuned to 432Hz – our natural frequency – our brain enters the state of synchronization and balance. This type of harmony can be found in nature, it is called the natural Solfeggio scale.

Contemporary music is tuned to 440Hz (unfavourable frequency). Whe we listen to the music in this frequency for a long time, we start feeling anxiety and internal disharmony. We can feel tired and fatigued with no obvious reason. Why is it so? The answer is clear – this frequency does not match our internal frequency of vibrations, emitted by every creature on Earth!

Palo santo smoke used during the treatment – the smoke of a sacred tree from South America – it cleans and protects our aura, neutralizes negative emotions, fear, anger and grief. It brings peace, good mood, clarity of thoughts and energy of positive feelings. Its resin has a rich and very pleasant, sweet smell.

What do we sing during the ritual? We sing mantras of tibetan buddhism. “Man” means “mind”, “tra” means “rise/lift”. So mantra is a sound that lifts our mind beyond physical dimension. Mantra (vibration) has a protective power for our mind. When we listen to mantras, when we repeat them aloud or in silence, we can observe that our heart and mind get slowly cleaner and cleaner. We become more joyful, happy and free from anxiety.

Peeling, which is a part of the whole treatment, not only cares for your skin, moisturizes and softens it, but also improves circulation – thanks to the flecks of sugar contained in it. It is 100% natural, made in our Temple, base on coconut oil and lemon, which lightens up the skin, making it really beaming. If you wish, instead of peeling, we can use hot stones which will reduce the effects of prolonged stress, improve circulation and restore natural flow of energy. They will also help your body relax completely, by warming up your skin and also activating internal body organs.

Do you dream of a ritual for yourself and someone you love? You can book the ritual for a couple. Dakini Temple’s interiors have been arranged in a way that allows it. If you plan to invite someone close to you, celebrate some anniversary or just relax together, you can be sure that Dakini Temple will impress her/him greatly, as it offers a trip around the world, world full of harmony, beautiful music, synchronized with oriental touch, full of warmth and magic in every move.

Let us invite you to our incredible Dakini massage in Warsaw!

The impact of the massage on the body:

  • it generates joy

Duration from 60 to 180 minutes, 15 minutes is added for conversation and hygiene. This massage is designed for everyone. It is safe, it takes place in comfortable conditions, and the techniques applied in the massage are never forceful.

Indications for the massage:

  • For everyone who likes to collect beautiful moments and need to enter a different world for a moment
  • For those who desire to experience something special and carefree

Note: The massage does not include intimate parts of the body.


Dakini Indian Ritual

60 min

160 zł

Dakini Indian Ritual

120 min

320 zł

Dakini Indian Ritual

150 min

420 zł

Dakini Indian Ritual

180 min

520 zł

Dakini Indian Ritual for Couple

120 min

640 zł

Dakini Indian Ritual for Couple

150 min

840 zł

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