Classic massage

Classic massage in Warsaw? Sure! Classic massage will relax your muscles after workout, prolonged activity, either physical or intellectual That’s why Dakini Temple offers this massage. Even though, it is – as its name suggests – classic, we perform it using a unique formula, employing a full range of different techniques.

Each stage of this massage matters.. Each move is extremely precise and not accidental. Music in the background is relaxing and will put peace into your mind so that you can focus on breathing and your body. With each move your body becomes more relaxed and light. And you feel as if you have dropped unnecessary ballast. Each moment in this place gives you comfort and creates a pleasant atmosphere in which you are important. The glow of candles that enlightens your face makes it look younger and more beautiful.


classic massage

Professional classic massage in Warsaw

The city of Warsaw has many places that offer classic massage. What makes our offer so special?

First of all – we do not shorten the time of the treatment. The clock starts only when you lie down on the bed. After the treatment you also have enough time to rest and “put your feet back on the ground”.
We stick to all the rules of the proper classic massage, keep the right flow of the massage, so that it is effective and brings relief to your body. The atmosphere during the massage is the opposite of the atmosphere of a crowded city of Warsaw. It is arranged around the specially selected music that drives the massage though its different stages.

Our guests are also delighted by other accompanying elements – scents of sacred trees, flowers and plants that positively impact our body and soul. The temperature of oil is very important. We always warm it up, so that it has a soothing effect on the body, preparing it to the next stages of the massage.

Have you ever felt cold during the treatment? This can surely ruin the experience as you cannot relax when you feel cold. Our staff always cares about the comfort of your body. If needed, we can offer you a warmed up blanket and a soft scarf that will protect your body with warmth.

Need to go back to work after the massage, so you wonder if you will be able to wash your body before putting your clothes back on? Of course – you can use the shower/bathroom, where you will find disposable underwear, clean towel and a hairdryer.

This massage is appropriate for everyone. It is safe, it takes place in comfortable conditions, and the techniques applied in the massage are never forceful.

We warmly invite you to a classic massage in Warsaw.


The impact of the massage on the body:

  • it stimulates the blood circulation
  • it relaxes the muscles
  • it relieves the tension
  • it improves the appearance of the skin
  • it relaxes and calms the mind
  • it affects the quality of sleep

The massage lasts 60 minutes, and 15 minutes are added for a conversation and hygiene.

Indications for the massage:

  • Headache, back pain and pain in other parts of the body
  • Tension and muscle pains
  • Limited mobility in the joints
  • Post-workout fatigue of the muscles

This massage is developed based on a range of classical massage techniques as well as own experience. We cover your body with a soft scarf. You also get a clean towel and the possibility to take a shower.

Note: The massage does not include intimate parts of the body.


Classic massage

60 min

140 zł

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