Barefoot massage padanghata

Barefoot massage in Warsaw? We could not miss this extraordinary treatment and had to put it in our offer. Have you never experienced the barefoot Padanghata massage? Dakini Temple is the only place in Warsaw where you can discover all the benefits this massage brings, that positively impact your health and mood.

Traditional Indian massage performed by Dakini is a truly blissful time. No wonder this is one of the most frequently selected massages by our clients.


barefoot massage

Barerefoot massage – Indian remedy for stress, available now in Warsaw.

It is recommended for people suffering from chronic fatigue and stress and for people who suffer from insomnia. It increases resistance to infections and stimulates blood circulation, thanks to which the mind and body are regenerated. It is stronger than the rest of the massages. It is recommended after intense exercise, because it releases deep muscle parts from tension. It restores the free circulation of energy in the body, stimulating it and eliminating local blockades. It has an interesting flow. It consists of three stages: First, the body is kneaded through a scarf, then treaded on with bare feet, and finally, it is massaged with feet, with the use of warm, aromatic oil.

The massage is performed on a futon. The massage lasts from 90 up to 150 minutes. We offer also a 4-feet version of the massage

We do not recommend this massage to persons with small body build.

We never step onto your spine or bones. You can be sure that your body will be safe – in order to keep the balance when stepping on your body, we have special equipment attached to the ceiling, so that we handle your body in a gentle and relaxing way.

We warmly invite you to barefoot padanghata massage in Warsaw, the only massage of this kind in Warsaw.


The impact of the massage on the body:

  • it relaxes the muscles
  • it relaxes the body
  • The warm oil has a warming effect on the muscles

The massage lasts 90/120 minutes, 15 minutes are added for a conversation and hygiene.

Indications for the massage:

  • NOT RECOMMENDED for people with slight build
  • Stronger than the rest of the massages
  • Recommended for people with suffering from insomnia.

We cover your body with a soft scarf. You also get a clean towel and the possibility to take a shower.

Note: The massage does not include intimate parts of the body.


Barefoot massage – Padanghata

90 min

260 zł

Barefoot massage – Padanghata

120 min

320 zł

Barefoot massage – Padanghata

150 min

375 zł

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